A Letter from Catherine

A Letter from Catherine

A Letter from Catherine

Hi, Welcome to my site and blog! I wanted to put together a more personal letter to you, the bride, to give you some guidance on your hair and makeup. It is paramount to establish a good relationship with your artist from the get go, after all, you’re going to be spending a rather emotional morning with them, and it is vital to me that my brides are able to look to their artist for a bit of support throughout. Find someone who ‘gets you’. Who ‘gets’ your style, the feel for your wedding and the look you are going to portray on this special day. Once you finally get to meet at your design appointment you’re part way there, then its the fun part of playing around with hair and makeup!

When you get in touch with us for your bridal appointments we are there to support you, from that very first email to the last touch of lippy on the big day, even down to pinning buttonholes on your nearest and dearest- and that happens a lot. No question is too obvious, silly or irrelevant, if its on your mind then call me, I am always at the end of the phone.

Sadly the busier we are getting we are having to disappoint ladies by not being available on their special day, so this goes for everything with wedding planning, the earlier you book the better. If you’re reading this thinking‘Its a bit too early to get that booked’ then please just do it, once it is in the diary and off of your to-do list then it is another job done and your planning can keep flowing seamlessly. I am always on the look out for new artists to join our growing team so we can help more beautiful brides but as this business is my personal baby and my reputation is everything to me I am very choosey with who to bring on board, so I am working on growing the Finishing Touch family but it takes a while!

As many of my past, current and future brides know I am a bride to be myself so there is nothing I love more than a good natter about weddings. My fiancé is tearing his hair out, every time I
come back from a wedding appointment I have yet another ‘must have’ for our day and it seems to never end, but keep your ideas coming my way ladies, he’ll thank me for it when the day
comes around….I’m sure! With that being said keep your eyes pealed here for a future joint blog; I’ll give my side of the wedding planning and he is going to give his side- although it may not see the light of day if his ideas don’t agree with mine!

Thats about all from me for now, thank you for taking some time out to have a read. I hope you are enjoying your planing and please remember, if something isn’t going to plan, don’t sweat the
small stuff, the main aim of the game is to marry the person you love and that will happen on your day regardless. So take the time together, enjoy the glass of wine while you’re planning and make memories to keep forever.

Lots of Love,
Catherine xx

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