Preparation for your Design Appointment.

Preparation for your Design Appointment.

Preparation for your Design Appointment.

Now you’ve secured your big day with us and your design appointment is fast approaching, please have a read through our top tips and advice to ensure your ready and prepped for your
appointment with us.

This is put together from a list of our FAQ’s however, if there are any unanswered questions after reading through please do get in touch and we will be happy to solve any queries you may have.

• Clear Skin

It is important to let your skin breathe prior to makeup application. We of course understand the thought of facing the day with a bare face may be daunting so if you have an afternoon
appointment please ensure you makeup is removed and skin is cleansed an hour before your artists arrival.

• Skin Prep

Our number 1 aim for bridal makeup is a flawless finish, however, we need your help with this. Exfoliated, cleansed skin will allow the makeup to work with your skin a lot better than that
which is un-prepped. Exfoliation will remove any dead skin cells from the surface of your skin revealing a soft, fresh surface ready for application. Cleansing will ensure your pores are flushed out and there is no residue left on your skin from day to day life. We will apply moisturiser upon our arrival as we carry the right products which are tried and
tested to work the best under foundations and primers.

• Skin Type

It is always great to give your artist a brief background on your skin type. On occasion we will be able to study your skin and find this out for ourselves however it isn’t always possible so knowing your type is always handy for your artist to know. If you have dry skin there are 2 main causes. Visibly dry/flakey skin is caused by a lack of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells so a quick exfoliating wash will eradicate the visible issues this skin type may bring. Skin in which feels tight and dry is caused by dehydration. Unfortunately the resolution for this
is the old fashioned drink more water! Boring I know and I run the risk of sounding like a broken record, but ensuring you are drinking plenty of water will work wonders for your

• Hair Prep

Your hair needs to be clean and dry upon our arrival-this means we can spend the whole appointment creating and experimenting with different ideas you may have. When should I wash my hair? This is a key question we get asked frequently. I am a big believer in that you should wash your hair when you feel you would like to. If this is on the morning of your design appointment or the evening before then please do so. If you are used to washing your hair every day and I come along and say you can’t on your wedding day, you may not feel fresh and ready for the day!
However, I will ask that you wash your hair at the time of the design appointment as you plan to do for the wedding day. This ensures your artist knows the exact products needed, and enables
time to source alternative products, to secure your hair for the wedding day.

• Allergies

Now this is an important one! It is vital you inform us of any allergies you have prior to application, and even better if you can advise us on this at the booking stage, we may be able to
source alternative products should they be needed.

• What should you have with you for your design appointment?

The only essential part of your design appointment is you, don’t worry about anything else. It is ideal to have pictures of your likes, dislikes, ideas, your dress etc but if you don’t have any of these then not to worry, we will work together to piece everything together for you. If you are able to have any accessories with you then great! If you’re having a veil but it hasn’t
yet arrived into the shop them why not ask if you can borrow one for the afternoon? Whether you’re thinking about a tiara, a comb, slide or flowers, we can discuss all of this and decide
together what will work best with the style you’ve chosen and also the feel of the wedding you are aiming for.

• What should you wear for your design appointment?

Something light in colour. A white t-shirt will never emulate your beautiful wedding dress however, it will give you the best idea of how your makeup will look against the light colour. Also
think about having something that may button down, if you’re thinking of going off out afterwards then something that doesn’t have to go over your head will avoid anything being bumped or moved whilst you’re getting changed!

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