Catherine feels very passionate about every bride being looked after to the highest standard on their wedding day and this is why we have selected a number of professional artists to join our team at A Finishing Touch to work along side Catherine.

Each artist is hand selected for her bride to be in accordance to style, requirements and location. Each one of our artists have been hand selected in line with our company ethos and values to make sure you receive the utmost perfection and professionalism on your wedding day.

Each artist goes through a full interview and selection process and after this put on a bespoke train programme with Catherine herself to ensure every bride-to-be is given the highest standard of care, from the moment you send us that first email, to the second you leave us to walk down the aisle.

We pay extra attention to detail when pairing our bride’s to be with her artist as we believe you will be able to look to them for support not only with the service in which we provide, but as a little comfort on your wedding day too.

Every artist has their own unique talent and skills that they will bring to your wedding day.


Hi! Within the company I wear many hats, but my most important one is making sure we look after you through every step of your journey with us. I am company owner, head makeup artist and over all your port of call for anything you need!

Having worked in the industry for over 10 years now I believe I have build up an intricate set of skills vital for your big day. It really does bring me the most pride and satisfaction transforming a beautiful lady into the most stunning bride for the most special day. Seeing you first thing in the morning with your hair in a towel and your dressing gown on, to leaving you looking radiant and glowing in your incredible wedding dress and being a part of everything in between.

My most reoccurring feedback is my laid back and calming nature is what resinates with my ladies on the morning. I’m there to take care of everything from hair and makeup to the timings and when everyone should be getting dressed. I work closely with photographers to ensure all of the important moments are captured and special times have time made for them.

A fun fact about me would be deep down, somewhere inside I am a Northerner at heart! Although having been in the South for some 25 years now I’m not sure I still quite qualify!


Having completed a year at Over Academy in April 2018 I have completely fallen in love with bridal hair and makeup. Help a bride feel at her absolute best on one of the most special days of her life is what brings me the most joy in my job. With a mix of my high brand products and my calming nature means I will be a perfect fit for you big day.
I always make it my mission to go above and beyond to ensure my brides and their parties feel comfortable, relaxed and looked after throughout the whole process. And it goes without mention leaving them over the moon with their finished, personalised look. Having worked for the brand NARS for sometime my speciality is within skin and making you look and feel like you, just a lovely glowing version! I make sure your skin is able to move and breath and never over done.
A fun fact about me is that I was on Britians Got Talent as a 12 year old!


I have been waking up and making up for over 10 years now! I just have the need to have my clients be their own kind of beautiful, for me it’s about renewing confidence. I’m a big believer in if it makes you feel beautiful then do it! I provide the friendly, professional guidance but the creativity and vision comes from you-the bride! I am here to add advice and a touch of flare.
I have the qualifications: I’ve been there and got the t-shirt, but my hair and makeup addiction is extreme. Experimenting is my highest form of research and my makeup and hair collaborations keep me up to date on the latest trends.
Now for the professional bit. I work hard and I am disciplined. Politeness is one half of my good nature, the other half is listening and understanding your needs and requirements. Rest assured you’re in good hands, it’s your big day so leave the responsibility to me and you can relax!