Skype Training


Are you stuck doing the same makeup routine?
Do you have products in your bag that you don’t know how to
Do you have spare time on your hands and would like to learn
some new makeup tips?

While you are able to spend a little more time that usual at home throughout the Covid-19 pandemic why not fine tune your makeup skills ready for your next night out or simply to feel your best when client facing at work!

Pop your details in below and we will be in touch with our simple way of how we can help with our personalised service for you!

We will……

  • Sort through your makeup bag
  • I will pass on industry tips and tricks
  • Advice on products which will work for you and your skin type

I am trained and qualified in multiple areas of makeup and have a training background with Dermalogica which means I am able to identify and advice on numerous products and skin types/ problems.

Having worked with hundreds of ladies over my 10 years in the makeup industry I pride myself with being able to help every one in over coming their struggles with their makeup routine.

While you may find yourself with more time on your hands than usual why not put that in to practice and come out of isolation looking and feeling your absolute best! There are plenty of home remedies and products which can be made from everyday ingredients to help give your skin the boost it needs. With us being independent we are not tied to one brand or product so we can give genuine advice on all of the products on the market.

In this service you will receive completely personalised advice for YOU and what YOUR skin needs from you right now.


Do you find yourself having to appear more frequently over video calls for work? Do you ever wonder why your makeup doesn’t quite look the same over the video as it did when you applied it in the mirror? There are some big do’s and don’ts when it comes to makeup application for photographs and video but don’t worry, this is what we are here for and we can help you!

Lots of Love,

Catherine x