Tips for good skin

Tips for good skin

Tips for good skin

It’s not just about products to gain healthy skin, it’s also about what we eat! So heres a few tips to get your skin wedding day ready!

One initial hurdle to over come is identifying your skins type.

Dry – this will appear as flakey skin and is commonly confused with dehydrated skin. Try exfoliating first and then include some of the tips below.

Dehydrated – this will feel tight, simply drinking more water and ensuring all makeup is thoroughly removed before bed will help solve this.

Oily – You may find you foundation ‘slips’ off of your skin through the day! The most common area of oil may be the classic T zone; forehead, nose and chin.

Combination – This can be a combination of all of the above. It is also the most common skin type.

Fatty types of fish, such as salmon, contain omega-3 fatty acids that can reduce inflammation and keep skin moisturised, so if you suffer with dry skin-thats ‘flakey’
and not ‘tight’ this is one for you.

Avocados are high in beneficial fats and contain vitamins E and C, which are important for healthy skin.Getting enough of these fats is essential to keep skin flexible and moisturised. They also pack compounds that may protect your skin from sun damage.

Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta-carotene, which acts as a natural sunblock and may protect your skin from sun damage.

Keeping your skin — and your body — hydrated will do wonders for your skin. Drinking water hydrates your body from the inside out. Applying moisturiser helps soothe skin, solving dryness and redness. A boring one I know but it really will make the difference!

Certain foods can trigger flushed, uneven complexions. Some, like sugary snacks, may even speed up development of wrinkles and age spots. Avoiding them can help to preserve that even skin tone

you’re looking for. Foods to avoid include:

  • spicy foods, which can increase redness
  • foods high in refined sugars, which can cause wrinkles
  • processed foods like chips
  • greasy foods
  • alcohol, which can cause the blood vessels to dilate and lead to a flushed face
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