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Wedding Hair and Makeup Berkshire

Wedding Hair and Make up Berkshire

You do not imagine the number of women who regret their choice of hairstyle or makeup, a few years after their marriage. To avoid joining their ranks, here are some wedding hair and make up Berkshire beauty tips to all future brides.


For the complexion: Apply a fixative of complexion in spray on your foundation, in order to keep it until the end of the night and to avoid that it stains your dress. If shine appears on your face, slip one or two sheets of matte paper into your witness’s purse.


For hair, try not to sabotage the work of your hairdresser! If you want to inaugurate a new colour for your hair, anticipate this beforehand. Because done in the week before your wedding, the colour will not have time to blend well in your hair. You risk having unnatural looking hair.


Your freshly washed hair may be slippery? To avoid this, spray on your lengths a dry shampoo and this will make your hairdresser’s job easier and improve the look of your hairstyle.